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Frequently Asked Questions

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Expert team: Our expert team in over seven locations around the world bring together a unique blend experience across business consultancy, web development, marketing campaign management and social media management focused on getting businesses results online. 
Results-driven: We are a result-driven agency with a focus on digital transformation and making businesses more efficient and effective online. 
Unique: Revcurv's 5 Steps to Effective Marketing are designed to bring you increased visibility, productivity, traffic, conversions, and customer retention. 
We listen and deliver: We will create a personalised strategy tailored to your business needs. 

Every client’s journey is unique but we always start with a review of where you are at and plan for where you want to be. We will do this through phone, email, online or a face-to-face meeting depending on your preference. Once we understand your goals we will make a digital plan for you based on our 5 steps. Once we have all the information, we need we will mostly be able to work away on our own and we will send you regular reports. However, there must also be a commitment on your side to communicate with us regularly.  

Revcurv’s 5 steps are as follows:

1. Digitise your Assets: This step involves creating the right digital footprint for your offerings to reduce your paperwork, increase visibility online and enhance team productivity.

2. Find your Market: This step is about effective market research, speaking your customers' language and optimising your offerings and landing pages so that your customers can find you easily online.

3. Boost Qualified Traffic: At this stage we will be creating marketing campaigns on the right digital platforms and sending you qualified visitors who are genuinely interested in your offerings, and are likely to convert. 

4. Create Leads: This step is about streamlining the flow of your customer’s journey on your website with the right CTAs to lead them intuitively through the buying process and convert. 

5. Increase Retention: Your relationship with your customer does not end with the conversion. This step is about building long-lasting relationships based on trust so that they keep returning to use your products or services.

Each step has its own unique features aimed at driving specific results. Although each step is powerful on its own, the real magic happens when you use them together.


Our pricing plans like our digital strategies are tailored. Your personalised digital strategy will include a tailored quote. If you are starting at the beginning with us there will be an initial set-up investment, after which a monthly retainer fee will apply. A 6-month contract is recommended to start seeing results. 

You can view our Marketing Campaign prices here.

Our strategies are results-focused so you can expect to see results over a period of time. The amount of time it takes, will depend on various factors including how many steps you take, but we usually begin to see results after 6 months.

Rather than cater to only specific industries, we specialise in delivering results-based digital strategies to appointment-based and ecommerce businesses. As such our clients come from various industries including beauty and health, technology, sports, and tourism but our services can be applied to businesses from many other industries. 

To get started, please fill in the form below and we will create a free digital strategy for you as a starting point. Please allow two business days for one of our consultants to get back to you.