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It's a journey.

5 Steps to Digital Transformation.

Are you ready?

Step 1. Let's get digital

Are you ready to sell online? We will do a comprehensive review of your target customer segment online activities and your online offerings to assess your readiness.

This is a crucial foundational step in your digital transformation and the report we produce from this lays the ground work for our next steps. With the foundations laid, the website build begins.

Talk data to us

Step 2. Find your market

Comprehensive market research is at the core of everything we do. From local keyword research and a full website audit, to competitor analysis, our market research will inform your marketing strategy at every step. 

But don't just take our word for it. Get your free market research report to get a taste for it. See for yourself how important and useful market research is. And fun! It's not all spreadsheets and graphs. Market research is about human behaviour and this is where the magic happens #abrakedabra.

Drive traffic to your website

Step 3. Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns are about hooking your audience, getting their attention and attracting them into the fascinating world you have created. In practical terms, we will drive traffic to your website. We do this with a combination of maths, metrics and innovation.

At this stage you are online ready and your offering is fantastic, let's tell the world about it. 

Lead the way

Step 4. Lead Management

Without getting too jargony, let us tell you about the sales funnel. It represents the stages your customer goes through before they get to buying your product or service. It starts with an itch they need to scratch and that's where you come in with a back scratcher just at the right moment.

This step is about being ready at every stage and leading the way for your customer through their buying process. #takemtothecheckout

In practical terms it's about preparing your landing pages, customer UX (user experience) and CTA's (Calls to action). 

Are you feeling the love? This step is also about romancing your customer. 

Can you feel the love?

Step 5. Sales Pipeline Management

Of course your relationship with your customer doesn't end with the sale. It's only the start of something beautiful. 

There are actually four more stages to your relationship. Find out more about The Buying Clock. 

Sales pipeline management is about making sure you are still there for your customer when they need you.

And no relationship should be one-sided. If their feeling for you is mutual, they will show it. This step is about getting their 5 star review of your product or service and integrating it online. And with effective delivery tracking, after-sales support, targeted email marketing as well as several other incentives, your customer will only have eyes for you.