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Let's increase The Quality Of your traffic

Blogging Subscription Service

Blogging Service Benefits

Enhance Website Visibility
Capture audience early in their buying cycle
Attract Visitor Leads
Increase Conversion Ratios
Reduce Cost of Customer acquisition
Improve Domain & Page Authority Levels

Blogging Service - Steps


Identify Relevant Article Topics that are in demand via Keyword Research using Industry Leading Tools.


Commission experienced blog article writers to produce engaging and high quality articles.


Extending the keyword Research to finalize a tailored Blog Brief for commissioned Blog article writers.


Overseeing and managing the writers progress to ensure each draft blog article is ready for review and editing.


Final proofreading and editing to ensure consistent quality throughout.


Uploading of the article to your site, with appropriate images, sections and seo meta tags and titles


 1 article every 1-2 months 

  €175 per month | €175 per article


2 articles per month

€300 per month | €150 per article


4 articles per month

€500 per month | €125 per article


Assessment Consultation

Keyword Phrases Strategy: Your potential online buyers search for suppliers like you using 1000s of different phrases. Identifying the right keywords is a critical input to your content marketing strategy. We research 10,000s searches made over the last 12 months to make sure you don't miss keyword phrases that convert.

Niche Segment Research: Which keywords? What gender? What job? How old? Which interests? Answering these questions coupled with your current customer knowledge can help you identify your different online buyer personas.

Choose one of your products or services now and register for a free market research report.

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