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First Campaigns

Phase 1 of the online campaigns involves creating text adverts and then sending search engine traffic to typically two different types of Landing Pages such as a services page and a blog article. This split A/B testing is recommended as it can help identify what is effective on-page content. 

With our support for Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, you can better understand your site visitors and how to supply content that increases leads or bookings.

Media Campaigns

Phase 2 of the online marketing involves taking the Go-To-Market research and what was learned about your content engagement in Phase 1 to set your Social Media marketing strategy. This involves creating image adverts, often meme-based ads, and when needed video ads*

Multi-Channel Marketing

We will assist you in choosing the most effective online channels with our integrated multi-channel marketing approach. This includes deciding on how to approach social media online channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TickToc, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Our focus will be on helping build online relationships with your potential customers using traditional engagement tools such as Email marketing and in some cases Direct mail.

* Video ads require additional investment as they not included in subscriptions.


Assessment Consultation

Keyword Phrases Strategy: Your potential online buyers search for suppliers like you using 1000s of different phrases. Identifying the right keywords is a critical input to your content marketing strategy. We research 10,000s searches made over the last 12 months to make sure you don't miss keyword phrases that convert.

Niche Segment Research: Which keywords? What gender? What job? How old? Which interests? Answering these questions coupled with your current customer knowledge can help you identify your different online buyer personas.

Choose one of your products or services now and register for a free market research report.

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