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What Engagement Offers Should You Make?
We help you select the best engagement offer for the type of product or service you are promoting. During this selection process we help check that customer acquisition costs, including click costs and free offers, are not taking too much out of the average customer order values. 
Examples of reliable engagement offers we have implemented include
  • free PDF downloads
  • free product samples
  • online discount vouchers
  • free online consultations
  • free prize draw entry



How do you capture customer interest?

Depending on the Engagement Offer, we can help you choose the best Call To Action prompts for your Landing Pages. For example a Free Consultation offer may start with an automated ChatBot that offers to book a consultation with a few convenient times.



Free Online Consultation

Assessment Consultation

Choose one of your products or services now and contact us for a free Online Marketplace Readiness Assessment overview.

Free-Up to 15 mins

Online Consultation

Let one of our consultants answer your online marketing questions for free!

Within 5 mins we can quickly assess how online ready your site is and make recommendations.

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