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Which Sales Territories Work Online?
We help you find those geographic areas towns, cities, and countries where your type of offering is bought online. This includes assessing how far customers are willing to travel for services and how customers compare local products to those imported.


How do you compare to competition?

Within a short time, we can assess who are your dominant online competitors for your products or services. Dominant competition is not just market leaders but those that dominate online marketing with Keyword Phrases that are linked to customer purchase intent. Paying high "Cost Per Click" (CPC) rates for Google Adwords is not necessarily a problem if the sales Conversion Rates (CVR) are relatively high percentages (e.g. above 25%).



Assessment Consultation

Keyword Phrases Strategy: Your potential online buyers search for suppliers like you using 1000s of different phrases. Identifying the right keywords is a critical input to your content marketing strategy. We research 10,000s searches made over the last 12 months to make sure you don't miss keyword phrases that convert.

Niche Segment Research: Which keywords? What gender? What job? How old? Which interests? Answering these questions coupled with your current customer knowledge can help you identify your different online buyer personas.

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