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Customer Online Booking

Gold Agenda

An affordable online booking app that's easy and intuitive for your customers!

Pay Per Appointment

Affordable Reservations

From €0.95 per online appointment, Gold Agenda is an affordable online booking application for local service businesses. Your customers will need less than 45 seconds to make an appointment 24x7. Also supports pre-appointment consultations for those services that need more customer interaction.

Play Gold Agenda's video demo (60 secs) now: 

Free Live Booking Page

14 Day Free Trial

See how easy it can be for your customers to make an appointment online with a free trial live booking page which includes your business logo!

Gold Agenda offers a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ability to accept new customer or existing customer appointments.

For most services your customers won't revert to the phone as making an appointment is simple and fast (under 45 seconds) !

Note Gold Agenda app trial requires a Silver Agenda trial for all feature testing.

Free Trial Request

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